Tool to download Instagram photos on the browser

Solution to download 1080p Instagram Photos online for free


Open browser to download Instagram photos in high quality

Today browsers are gradually becoming more popular, tools that work on browsers also bring many interesting experiences. That's because IGSave is one of the tools used by millions of people today. IGSave's main feature is to support users in downloading Instagram Photos to their phones or saving private Instagram Reels videos with many other qualities depending on their usage needs.

In addition, our tool is integrated with many other powerful features such as Download Private Instagram to help you save videos to your device in private accounts that are completely anonymous and secure. user information.

Use IGSave to download Instagram photos on iPhone

Currently you want to download beautiful Instagram photos to your iPhone but there is no optimal way to do it or you encounter difficulties in downloading. IGSave is one of the best and most optimal solutions to help you do that. In addition, IGsave also supports you to save Photos at the highest quality, but the quality of the images you download depends on the original quality of the image, giving you a great experience when using our tool.

How to download Instagram photos in 8K on the Browser

  • Log into your Instagram account, go to your browser, find your favorite post and copy the link
    Instagram Photo Downloader
  • Once you have copied the link, go to and paste the link into our input box
  • Wait a while until the server completes processing of your image information
  • And finally you just need to choose the quality you want to download to your device

The feature supports save & download Insta photos for free

IGSave is one of the best tools today with a completely free IG Photo download feature. Saving a photo on IG only requires a link to download the image you want.

IGSave Q&A

Why use IGsave to download photos from Instagram

Our tool gives you the best experience, especially when you use IGSave at no cost. But having support for downloads in different qualities is great

Is there any software support for Instagram Photo Downloader?

You save photos from Instagram directly on your device's browser, so you don't need to install additional software to download photos on Instagram.

Is it possible to directly edit images when downloaded?

No because we only support you downloading images or saving images in many different qualities. Do not edit images on our tool